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4 years ago
United Kingdom

With Team Sonic Racing coming out very soon, I have added the game and we'll be using this thread to determine what categories and rules should be added. Hopefully with the help of the community, we can get the boards up and running as soon as possible as I'm sure there are many of you who want to start speedrunning on this.

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Hampshire, England

Is the plan for this game to have a load remover/ manually remove loads so that all platforms can compete? coz if not then im fully against that lol. Just getting the ball rolling with this conversation as it seems like a big deal.

New York, USA

If there's a story mode, that should get its own category. I'm sure an All Cups or All Tracks category is something that'll end up on here as well, in addition to individual cups or tracks.

As far as loadless times are concerned, do we even know for sure that there's a noticeable difference between the versions? I thought the game just came out. I can't imagine anyone's done that research yet. Maybe it's something to consider doing before implementing loadless times as the method of time measurement. Brand new game + brand new board = make it simple and accessible to start out with in order to attract as many people as possible. Nothing more accessible than good ol' RTA.

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There are indeed huge time differences that must be considered imo. My load times, for example, are basically non-existent, as I use an NVMe SSD on my PC.

That being said, an all-cups tun should be easy to deal with using IGT. I mean, the game itself gives you the time at the end of each race.

Hesse, Germany

I havent beaten the game yet but it seems like habing the same categories as for Transformed should work. All Cups that would be played as NG+ amd then Story mode any% and 100%.

Regarding loads, removing loads for consoles is gonna be a problem so it might be useful to make subcategories for each platform

Hesse, Germany

also All Cups should probably be split between Team Grand Prix and Standard Grand Prix


It would also be nice to have a leaderboard for Time Trials

Hampshire, England

ive done that research crisco lol, there is a huge difference between PC and PS4, and to make this game fair for all versions, we must have timeless loading imo, at least for adventure mode Any% and 100%. (im imagining other consoles are similar in terms of loading as ps4)


As much as having load removed from times would be great there's no easy way to do that on consoles so idk if it's a good idea. It would force mods to either time it or or double check the timings to make sure the amount removed is OK and I personally think a mod should not have to do this. It sucks to have slower versions but it's something that I think people will have to deal with like pretty much every other multi platform game.

As for category's, obv Any% and 100% plus all cups and IL's/Time trials sounds great

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United States

In my experience having someone time out loads for console takes too much time to do. You're far better off having separate sub categories for each platform.

Hampshire, England

Littz' idea would also work, basically as long as all console's get a fir go i dont mind. It is, however, worth noting that im not sure yet, but if the loads are consistent, we would only have to time them once for each console (excluding ps4 pro and xbox one x) and we would be good forever. But littz' idea makes more sense in the short term.

As well as this if someone is a tech god they could make a load remover like people did for Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy and Spyro Reignited Trilogy, but too early to call that yet.

United States

@Hypnoshark In a perfect world yes you would only have to time out loads once but unfortunately even consoles would have variable loads from time to time.

Hesse, Germany

regarding what I said earlier about categories, I just realized the Grand Prix in this game don't even include every track and that some are duplicate. Then it would probably be better to have an All Races category rather than All Grand Prix, where you just select each race individually

United States

I am for All Races category. I am also in support of sub categories depending on platform.

North Carolina, USA

If PC was consistent as a platform I would agree with Obiyo but considering how much hardware can play into load times between harddrives, processors, gpus etc, idk if relying on RTA only will ever be a true measure of who has the record. As much as it sucks I think if there is going to be a truly competitive leaderboard there will have to be a retiming done. Mods can decide which runs to check the retime more stringently (top 3,5,10 etc) but I can't see a way to have a realistically accurate leaderboard without some kind of retiming.

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Arizona, USA

Using in game time, especially for PC, would simplify things drastically wouldn't it?


I think just having real time with a filter for platform would be fine for now, sure it's a shame the switch takes 4 seconds longer to load then ps4 and the pc is near instant but at least it can be filtered, pc will always be favored unless we all take note of 21 track times, I don't see it being that competitive yet.

United States

I have three Questions

1: Is there a "Current World Record" if there is what is it? 2: Does anyone have any splits/auto splitter that i can use? 3:Do auto splitters work on ps4 Remote play?

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Hesse, Germany
  1. on May 19 Frokenok did a run of All Solo Races and ended with 1:26:49, I have a run of All Team Races in 1:23:28. Hypnoshark did an attempt on any% but didn't finish it afaik. Werey also posted in the Sonic speedrunning Discord about having done a 1:25 in All Solo Races on the 23rd. These are the only runs I know of 2.-3. Autosplitters need to be manually made for each game, and I doubt anyone's made on yet. Traditional autosplitters only work on PC games cause they read the game's memory
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Oregon, USA

Here's a thought I'd think I should at least throw out there for consideration. Might needlessly overcomplicated things, but I'd at least think it'd be interesting.

If a combined leaderboard (for all platforms) was made for all of the IL Time Trials here, what if there were separate categories for Speed, Technique, and Power type cars? It could be argued that Speed and Power cars don't really have any major differences in how you tackle all of the courses (probably), but given that Technique cars are able to take alternate routes on some courses due to their off-road ability, it'd be interesting to see competition just dedicated to those types of cars.

Might be too complicated to have all those sub category types for ILs, and it'd probably be ideal to have another category for just the best overall times regardless of car type, complicating things more. But I think it's worth discussing.

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