Any% Rules

I took the liberty to add some rules, at the suggestion of a user on Twitter.

If anyone wants any modification to the current timing/difficulty/gear rules, it's all good. Ghost/Panther not required for Any%.

One issue I am trying to solve is segmented runs. Keep them: Yay or nay?


Segmented runs have died off recently. It seems kind of pointless when you could just TAS.

Segmented speedruns don't really have competition. There's no sense of competing at your game until you achieve that miracle run you've always dreamed of. Instead, it's more of a project that you invest time into to eventually reach a pre-planned result. Not something many runners are interested in these days.

You can't casually-segmented-speedrun. There's not much of a point making a segmented speedrun that's worse than the record. And there are a lot of non-record-holder speedrunners.

Also on difficulty there seems no reason to set it to anything specific on Any% considering the goal is pure speed. Rookie-Perfectionist should be allowed. I have seen people switch between both as well to avoid tutorials.

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Centre, France

Nah segmented run making no sense

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I disagree with segmented runs as well. The times in between missions really add up. Unless you make it a different category.

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