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It's called "modifying the game", which you should never do. There are communities that allow it, though (PoP: WW for example).


Unless it's insta-skip (not a single frame of the video gets played), you get time advantage by modifying the game. What's stoping you from modifying other game files?


yeah this is modifiying the game, and it should never be allowed imho, whatever the game... in the case of PoP it gives an truly unfair advantage to the PC runners compare to ppl who run the game on console, and even if they would make a seperate leaderboard for PC and one for consoles... i would still be wrong in my mind... then again, its just my humble opinion... also, i'm a fervent advocate of NOT comparing DIFFERENT versions of a game together, so i totally agree with you that we shouldn't compare PC and console version, and in the case of Chaos Theory for exemple, the game are so widely different, its barely the same game anymore, so yeah... ;D