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Since there are literally no players and not a sole on this forum, I would like to propose some rules be instated on how the categories are completed.

There are a few interesting mechanics to TC:LA, one of which being the branching paths that are affected by a few things. These directly relate to how this game works as a speedgame.

With the "Any%" category, It's not defined what finishing this game entails. I propose that Any% in both the good and bad endings, require every case to be solved. This means no "Continue story" options should be selected, aside from the bonus "Cruisin'" levels. This requires that the levels be played, and the player doesn't simply kill themselves every level to get the bad ending. Although if players (Ever show up) and request to have that allowed, there could be a category for that.

As for 100% since It's been awhile since I played this game, I'm not sure what that would entail, but I do plan on compiling that info, and setting forth a rule set.

Thank you for your attention, Happy running!

Zachodniopomorskie, Poland

There have been some runs before which had continue story be used. It's any% and it's bad ending why make it slower also nice GCN emu run scrub

United States

Hey i'm thinking of trying to properly route the 100% category for this game and running it but no rules have been set for the 100% category yet so i'm not sure what I should be routing for.

But personally I think 100% should include getting all upgrades + all bonus cruising upgrades, beat all 3 paths good ending or bad ending, and I also think all alternate missions should have to be completed too.

Oh yeah and id also include getting the 30 bones scattered around the map to unlock dogg patrol

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