7 years ago
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If anyone has any thoughts on new categories, rule changes, or otherwise, post them here.

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I think it would be cool if we could have a separate Gameboy category, as the gameplay is quite different then the NES version. I don't think it would make a huge time difference, but would bring new challenges to a Tecmo Bowl speedrun.

Virginia, USA

Totally agree with separating our Gameboy. Is anybody out there running Tecmo on Gameboy right now?

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I don't believe so, but if there was a separation I would definitely run it.

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Suggestion: give mod to MrDunlo. He’d be a good mod.

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Virginia, USA

I’d be down to help out; that’d be cool.

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United States

I honestly think we both should be mods, since I am a teenager that has nothing better to do, so I check probably every 5-10 minutes and I love watching other people's runs OhMyDog. Mr.Dunlo could be extremely helpful as well :)

Minnesota, USA

Tecmo Bowl is still a small community. How about this. Once we reach 15 People on the Win% Leaderboard whichever one of you has the best time I will make a mod because both of you are very well qualified and maybe this will be the spark needed for someone to get that Sub 8. (:


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Oooh. Okay

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Tennessee, USA

Why not add a fastest to 99 points or something to do with scoring?

British Columbia, Canada

hey guys! we run the official

anybody looking to get involved, feel free to reach out via the new WIP website! draft seasons, themed tournaments and a feature length documentary out early next year!

looking forward to trying some runs here, good to meet you all

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