An invitation to a category, I guess?
7 months ago
Mazowieckie, Poland

I'm making this thread to sort of see if people are interested in running Glitchless in category extensions (or any other category in there for that matter)? I know they're in there because nobody runs them, but I also feel like noone runs them because they're in there. I do feel like they're really fun, and underappreciated, and I'd like to see maybe more than one run per category.

Hey, if there's enough traction for a category, maybe we can get it into the main leaderboard ;) .

California, USA

Hey Imperator, there's some interest in Discord regarding this. If you'd like to join, the link is: I'm going to make a couple of changes to the rules for this run, to make it less ambiguous and bit easier/faster. First I'm going to allow resetting at any point. This is a holdover from a different run from a long time ago, and I don't think it should apply to this run. I'm also going to remove the rules that disallow oob (out of bounds), and unintended guided jumps. Figuring out what those mean is very ambiguous and I don't want everyone feeling like they have to ask me, just to do something regarding those in a run. I'll let you know when those changes have been made, so we can start submitting faster runs!