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4 years ago

Is there a reason for the separation? NES emulation is basically solved. If you can point to a reason to separate them, then I'm all ears.

Also if the timing for this game is going to change for a second time, then you should re-time the runs. It's not like it's a big leaderboard.


I don't have an issue with changing timing to that, it's more that this is the second time its changed and runs still haven't been re-timed. I re-timed a few when I was mod, but I have zero desire to mod games any more. I can even help with it if it's an issue.

As far as emulation that sounds like more of an issue with the player and the player's setup rather than emulation not being accurate. There's plenty of accurate NES emulators out there, if you're having an issue with one list what it is so other people can test it. NES games are some of the few games where emulation is basically perfect so the leaderboard has been split for no reason.


You've given no concrete reason or evidence to separate them and made the change with no consideration for input from the small community it has. If this was a bigger leaderboard and not a meme nongame a content mod would revert the change. If you want to separate the two it should be done after input from other runners, not on a "well this is what I feel like doing" basis.

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@Komrade is correct, there are numerous retro emulators that are pretty much accurate. NES has mesen, bizhawk and punes as the go to emulators for that system.

I practiced all my FDS games on mesen since I have an older Everdrive which doesn't do save states for it. I can assure you, there is no time difference in gameplay nor did I experience any of the games to run or behave any faster than my console.

Unless there is substantial proof that emulator offers actual gameplay advantage over console, what exactly is the reason to separate? Unless your concern is what method people use for a controller? Your community together should decide in the end honestly, cause this just looks like a random impulse decision after 4 years of this leaderboard being up.

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Thanks for taking the time to hear us out as well as being willing to re-time the runs.

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