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9 years ago
Texas, USA

Are emulator runs allowed for Shadows of the Empire? My N64 is dead. :(


AGH this question NEEDS to be answered ><

Also sorry if I gave you hopes of an answer, cause I really feel ya bro :(


Hey, I'm also wondering about this. Would be cool to do runs on emulator since I don't have my N64 where I live and also the fact that my is PAL.

Arizona, USA

I stumbled across this forum and hope this question will be addressed soon. I do not like the idea of 'emulator runs' however. Plan on playing this game and if I decide to run it I would like to know as well. Have fun!

United States

Reasonably, some of the runners could check emulator accuracy to see if there's any (unintended) advantages. If there aren't any then I wouldn't see the point in banning emulator.


http://everalert.tv/rankings/shadows/rules We decreed to ban emulator. However, PC version is allowed.

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North Carolina, USA

Until someone can get it running even somewhat accurately it'll probably stay banned. If I remember correctly even the in game time was screwed up, like on ord mantell which is an autoscroller, you would save igt on the train part.

Honestly, even the pc version is kinda screwed up in the same way, which is why it's separated in the leaderboards :p

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North Carolina, USA

I finally went in and edited it so that emulator is officially banned from the leaderboards. If you only have a PC to play with I'd recommend the PC version which is better behaved than emulator anyways. You can even set up an n64 controller to play with using joy2key (although I'd recommend using keyboard and mouse for better movement). Also, I made it so runs need to be verified before showing on the leaderboards.

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