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- 'Mario Party' All Boards (subcategories: normal & hard & very hard & master)
- Partner Party All Boards (subcategories: normal & hard & very hard & master)
- River Survival (subcategories: normal & hard, variables: normal oar and gold oar - maybe add 1P2C somehow?)
- Challenge Road
- Sound Stage All Difficulties
All of these ideas are from BlueYoshi on another forum post, just thought I would clickbait so his amazing ideas would be seen.


I dot think Sound stage would be a good speedrun. There isn’t any way to speed up finishing a level. But it could definitely be part of a 100% type run

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Also could all gems be a run? I’ve only gotten 2 but as long as none of the gems require online play it could be a good completionist category




All Gems would be a good idea too, you don't need online play, just gotta beat every mode


All Gems would be 100% aside from buying stuff with points, so I think that'd be a good category, but it'd probably be like 10 hours long (8 hours for partner/mario party, 1 1/2 for sound/river, 1 for challenge road (You can literally skip all but 6 challenges in challenge road and still get the gem). far:

River Survival Any%:
"Timing starts on Pressing A on choosing the raft side, Timing ends on Goal"

Partner Party All Boards:
"Play and win all boards, Timing starts on '10 turns' timing ends when you are crowned super stars in the final map"

'Mario Party' All Boards:
"Play and win all boards, Timing starts on '10 turns' or more if you do that for some reason, timing ends when you are crowned super star in the final map"

Challenge Road:
(Subcategory for skipping [meme])
Time starts on start button in challenge road, time ends on "congratulations!"

All Gems:
(Challenge Road, subcategory for no skipping)
Time starts when you boot up the game from a fresh file, time ends when you initiate the final gem cutscene. (Win all 4 Partner/Mario Party boards, Do all sound stage difficulties, do challenge road (sub category for no skipping, I tested and you can skip all but 6 minigames, it'd help since it is a long category but that is up to preference) and complete all paths of river survival.

Does that sound reasonable? Sub categories for difficulties, maybe filters for river multiple people/all gems multiple people. (No filter for boards because you need to come in first place, and challenge road is single player)


In case you're wondering what I mean, you can give up on a challenge 3 times in challenge road multiple times and advance, rumble minigames you can skip immediately, but the end-of-the-world challenges still are required, here's a video of the aftermath of me skipping pretty much everything in challenge road


I think skipping challenges should be banned as you can't skip any after you beat the challenge road (obviously) and I couldn't find any way to reset the challenge road. So if you want to skip challenges you would need to start a new file and unlock all minigames again.


Hey! I think it would be cool to have individual level runs for all the different minigames. I really like just playing the minigames in the free play section, so it would be cool to compete against others' times. I'm aware that not all minigames have the score as time, although for games where you get points, you could just add your points in milliseconds.
Hope you'll do this 😃

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It would be really cool to have a minigame 100%, where you have to complete all minigames as fast as possible


i don’t thing assigning points for non timed minigames would serve a purpose, i think they should just be a standard time that everyone gets(similar to cutscenes)

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i also belive in that guy who said river surviva should have a co-op and bot run, and they they shouldnt be comboned because coop has a huge advantage.


I mean for individual levels (i agree that it should just be the standard time if you were to do a 100% type run)


Here’s a challenge road run on a completed file


It would be nice to have each board with each category possibly in level leaderboards or something. Like normal, 10 turns on a certain board. Doing an all boards run would be like 3 hours so having shorter runs would be nice


Mabye for what was mentioned above, those could be ILs


I think minigames should have IL leaderboards, especially because of the in-game time on some of them. That includes high score leaderboards for some minigames as well.

Toad's Rec room has some fun minigames, too. Puzzle hustle has a lot of levels with an in-game time. Me and three other players assembled the Goomba (the second puzzle) in 12.54 seconds: it would be cool to see competition for single player and multiplayer in Puzzle Hustle.


@MeesterTweester honestly not a bad idea, but as you stated some minigames simply rely on score.