Found any skips or routes, tell us about them.
8 years ago
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Playing it just now and figured out that you can close the game during the chat with the red guy, saving about 2 minutes.

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Guess I can repost my strats for level 1 and 4

Not sure if they're RTA viable, it took me a lot of tries to get them right on Speedrun mode (not SpeedrunRT, I really took my time to pull them off correctly)

Level 1 :

Level 4 :

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8 years ago

Stickied for visibility.


TitoMakaniJr pointed out there is a safe spot in CORE.lvl, that is accessible in every phase.

I've put pictures on his words :

Kinda ballsy but the time reward is great (+ safe once you're there)


I routed all the phases of CORE with the safe spot.

It's actually not that hard :

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Found a skip in dog1. Once you have waited and it starts telling you that they're in control, just Escape to menu and you can move onto hospital.

EDIT: You can skip subway and tiralley once the unauthorized access screen has been shown, just hit escape to go to menu, load superhot.exe and it should take you to the message prompt. From there you hit escape and start sh.exe as normal.

For serv, you can quit after it does the location thingy, again, hit escape and load sh.exe then message prompt etc.

In dog 1 you can quit once it tells you that you aren't in control.

Finally, as mentioned initially, you can close the game after hacked has ended and the chat box has appeared and the red guy has started writing his first line. I waited until I had to type so I don't know exactly at what point you can quit. After closing it you just reopen and it's all fine.

subway, tiralley, serv and dog 1 save seconds, whereas hacker saved a good minute or two.

Nottinghamshire, England

Update on skips

On Subway and Tiralley you can only go to menu after Unauthorized Access

On Serv you can skip the breach location bar, saves a second or two in addition to the two minutes you save.

On Dog1 you can go to menu right after you have clicked through Superhot, even before the text popping up telling you you have no control.

Finally, you can close the game almost immediately after the chat appears at the end of Hacker.

Also, if you load Kickstart and then reset and run, it saves 2 seconds. Same as it did in beta.


Vytheros, when is video guide for all of this?

Reading is effort.

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Gonna do one later today


Found a skip for Fightclub, but not sure how easy it is to do it RTA.

So, sometimes if you jump at red guys in a certain angle they seem to just explode, even if you're not punching/shooting/slashing. You can use this in Fightclub to get through the door while it is still closed. You jump once to get very close to the door, and up while looking down a second time to land on the red guy during his punching animation.

If done right, he'll explode, and you'll magically appear on the other side of the door. I find this route to be slightly faster, but would love to hear your input.

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I think the jumping and exploding thing is jumping on their heads. You get an achievement the first time you do it :)

Glitching through the gate is pretty cool! Nice find.

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As per AMVX's request, I made a guide on the skips and one pre-run time save that we know of right now. They use the earliest possible point you can use them as of now and if they are improved in the future, I'll make an updated video.

0:20 - Kick.lvl - Before a run 2:56 - Subway.lvl 8:40 - Tiralley.lvl 9:58 - Serv.lvl 11:00 - Dog1.lvl 17:34 - Hacker.lvl

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What program go you use to show your keyboard inputs on screen? Ive been looking for one, but have been unsuccessful.


I'm pretty sure it's nohboard. It is a bit tricky to configure, but works with most of the games.


Big timesave found. Basically, the game just sets the flag for the level finish/next level when you kill the last guy. That means you can esc out of the level as soon as your bullet enters the last guy. As such, you can skip the Access-Thingy in Subway, Tirall and Serv. Also some seconds save-able in Meeting. Maybe even more levels where this applies, but not sure.

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did this IL earlier using a small timesaver I found for Elevator

Basically if you get the timing on the jumpkill, which gets easy, you can run in between the wall and 2nd dude and the 3rd dude'll shoot him allowing you to take (3rd dude's) weapon. This first sequence is RTA viable if you find your own little way of doing it (I hold w+a after jumpkill and turn right) The way the third dude dies is by the hand of the last dude I kill, which I couldn't really find an RTA-viable strat for, but I think the strat might still save time/be more consistent if you have to turn around and kill him last?

Video version of Maaster's post.

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So as long as your menu navigation is on point I have found that hitting escape at the "new message" skip instead of hitting enter then hopping into the level the most time you will save with this method is on SERV since you will NOT be required to enter a password.

Again menu nav must be on point but it is faster collectively by about 15-35 seconds. (or maybe even faster) (on entire run)

I posted about this a while back but soon deleted it since I wasn't sure if it saved time or not but after 500+runs I can conclude that it is indeed faster.

you don't have to deal with initial "loading screen" of the levels similar to the "asset buffer" on kick.

Again menu nav must be on point cause if you nav to the wrong level it will end up losing you some time.

thanks and let me know your feedback on this



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LgkLewd, would you mind posting a video showing this? I'm not entirely sure I understand.

EDIT: Do you mean exiting tiralley after you kill the three dudes and then going to serv through level select?

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Will test LgkLewd's strat with a blank save file, as it sounds like it might only work after you've completed game once. If it doesn't work with a new file we might have a new game + category.

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