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Thinking of running this game, but I only have the switch version.


I am not familiar with it personally? We have NES, WiiVC, 3DSVC. Is the switch version comparable? I am not even sure how those three compare to be honest, I don't have any modern consoles... I was just here for NES LUL.


I wouldn't see why not? I assume the Switch version works similarly to the Wii VC and 3DS VC version. 🙂

Best of luck on the runs!


Switch version works the same as the NES. The same amount of stutter occurs. It should either be allowed in the main categories (my suggestion) or have its own. I'll play through it a few more times, but I know my PB on NES was better than my PB on Switch (and I'm pretty consistent and did get a quick Swami skip), so it doesn't appear to have a noticeable advantage.