Super Sprint Lap Credit Glitches
2 years ago
New Jersey, USA

I just wanted to make a post to show some glitches I found in super sprint and see what the community/Yels thinks should be done about them.

Both of these glitches have to do with the way super sprint checks/assigns credit for laps. Very loosely, there are hidden "flags" on the track that the player must cross, in order, and then when you then cross the finish line (in any direction) super sprint does another check and gives you credit for a lap, then resets the mid-lap flags. There are two glitches I've found that revolve around these flags/checks in different ways.

The "backwards lap" glitch is done by hitting all of the hidden flags on the track, and then crossing the starting line backwards. In theory you shouldn't ever want to do this, but Super Sprint will still give you credit for a lap anyway. Here's an example of me running Track 0 backwards (it's may be impossible to win it with all backwards laps though)

Track 0 backwards:

Why would this ever be useful? On track 6 with the first loop that you can hit the two flags in, but not actually DO the loop. it is possible to use this exploit and get lap credit, and win, without actually doing the laps.

Track 6 non-full laps:

Only 3 of the 5 laps were properly completed in that video, yet I was still able to win the track. It's slower than performing normally, but could still be a potential issue as to whether the run is "valid" or not.

The most game-breaking glitch is the "pause glitch" that gives false lap credit due to exploiting the lap checking mechanism at the finish line. If you cross the finish line with all mid-lap flags triggered, and mash the start button as you cross the line, you can force the game to recheck and give additional fake laps. I didn't check if this works going backwards, but it probably does. Either way, it doesn't matter, as I put up a 4:01 in my second attempt with it.

See Video here:

Instead of the 35 required laps to complete one-loop, I completed it in 13 laps. You could optimize it to get it down to 7 laps only, for sure.

I'm obviously not a mod but I figured I'd try to bring these glitches to light before someone else finds them, submits a run (for WR or otherwise), and then we have to deal with it after it's already been completed.

I would definitely recommend the use of pause should be entirely ruled out for all three current categories, and if people wanted to run the game glitched then maybe new categories could be created (I can't even guess if people want to do that though)

The backwards lap glitch seems to be ALWAYS slower than performing well at the game, but you're still not actually completing laps. A 5:XX run could theoretically be saving time by making use of this exploit in a tricky area like the track 6 loop where AI cars knock you around in there.

Sorry for the very long-winded post, and thanks for taking the time to read it!

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Maryland, USA

Sick finds!

I'd personally vote to make the current leaderboard rules to be without glitches, but a glitched category would be kind of cool to see too!

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New Jersey, USA

I had a bit of free time and got a bit better at the glitch. There's actually a rhythm to it to not waste pauses, as well as the skill to get around the track ASAP without blowing past the finish line:

That's one loop in exactly 7 laps; 2:15. With some time/effort a sub-2 should be possible.

Still, if we want to make it it's own category that's a good starting time, I think.

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New Jersey, USA

These are indeed amazing finds, and I fully support maintaining the current categories as "Glitchless" with updated rulesets disallowing the Pause Glitch and the Backwards Lap Glitch, and then making a new category/categories that permit them.

For now, I will make a 1-Loop Glitched category. Please let me know if there is interest in 3-Loop and Nice% first, as I feel like that could be tedious, but if there's interest, I'm not going to stop the community from pursuing it. :)

Maryland, USA

tbh im more interested in nice% glitched than glitchless haha

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New Jersey, USA

LMAO fair enough! Glitched versions for all! LETS GO!

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great finds. very interesting

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We finally broke it down to sub 1 minute (One Loop (7 Tracks) - Glitched)! :D

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New Jersey, USA

The important question now is: why does the glitch stop working after 2 loops, and is there any way to get it work again?

New Jersey, USA

I've been able to get the glitch to give a couple extra laps here/there, but it becomes seemingly MUCH more difficult. It was effectively faster for me to just run the third loop than try to glitch through it.

Someone redeemed a channel point redemption on another streamer's channel to do a code dive into super sprint, but it'll be a few months away. I'm hoping it may be able to shine some light on things if we can't figure it out before then!