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1 year ago
Kentucky, USA

1 million points

When you get 1 million points the score resets

That is all

New Jersey, USA

I'm supportive! I'll get it going!

I will share a note of caution: This category won’t be for the faint of heart. If you fail to win a single race, your score resets.

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New Jersey, USA

Maxout categories are built. Glitchless and Glitched, for consistency. Have at it!

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United States

The lack of co-op categories is just sad. :(

New Jersey, USA

I tried some maxout attempts tonight. Got to 715K once. It's super tough, as advertised.

Also, I'm going to remove specifically the GLITCHED maxout category, as current glitches make your score go slower, not faster. An optimal glitchless run and an optimal glitched run are effectively the same run (with current known strats). Happy to reinstate in the future if that changes.

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New Jersey, USA

Wanted to get a vibe on this. Pursuant to my previous note about removing the Glitched maxout category, I was wondering if I should also remove the "Glitchless" language from the remaining Maxout category since, at present, glitches don't impact this category in any material way. Thoughts?

Pomorskie, Poland

no thoughts. only spront.

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