Spike Glitch
3 years ago

During a run I did earlier today I somehow got invincible to spikes and was able to just walk right through them. Does anybody know about that glitch / know how to replicate it?


i remember some else doing this in a run on the leader board

United States

It was in one of my chilled runs, but I was able to recreate it

I think it has something to do with yeeting yourself right here and entering the room with 2hp, but i could be wrong https://imgur.com/a/eZcZ41v


maybe it something to do with the lights turning on

New York, USA

it's interesting but at the very least it shouldn't save time in or past that room >.>

If we could get it earlier it could save the 100% 3+ seconds which is pretty sick

Pomorskie, Poland

I was able to do this glitch without death on level 1-3 in this video

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