Think maybe Classic and Chill have no business being separate?
3 years ago
New York, USA

Unless we find a route in Chill that takes 5 deaths and is better than my 3 death 100% route, I think Classic mode and Chill mode should have literally no in-game differences aside from the visuals between stages

I'm posting a 100% classic mode rn that takes a death to warp and 2 deaths to skip to the beginning of rooms, it seems semi-controversial whether my run should count tho maybe? since I skip a cutscene still?

In any case, there's no reason why the perfect classic any% wouldn't exactly match the perfect chill any% and that's my main point

Pomorskie, Poland

I removed the N/A 100% Wrong Warp so we can allow you to do Wrong Warp Glitch for 100%

New York, USA

thanx ;)