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hello everyone, bad news for all, we have found 1 cheater in Russian community Nickname - Werzhil right now on 26 place, sorry to hear that, all tried to speak with him but he ignores us.
as you can see on start ftw setup for dagger, after his pb he ask me about how to do this manip, lol, but he did it in run NotLikeThis actually i saw every his stream, he didn’t spend
a lot of time in this game,he not understand every boss patterns, or just stage patterns, as you can see in his run A LOT OF LUCKY MOMENTS, he just tried beat the game without any strats, also 1 super super stupid think it's boss 5, he seemed to know what would happen on it, also about his runs in other games, he did runs in tengen tetris, and in tank on nes, same looks not legit it's why moderators removes his run, i think i'ts time write to moderators on speedrun com, also he did this pb with first attempt on stream, in my opinion this is almost impossible to do (without consistency strats), consistency strats in this game? hard to write that, because he is friend, everyone know him in Russian community.
video from Paklomak with English subs, with some lucky moments -
in run we can hear on Russian CoolStorryBob , but almost on every stream he playing in silence, but in this we can hear something like "I'M LUCKY"
also we found full stream , on which we can see start stream. this run raises a lot of questions.
about storry, why Russian community starting run this game - https://docs.google.com/document/d/107YKN28jEKlKBwloN6og2syY8WIbZWkfDLh4K8nSy0A/edit
this is answer, in short message, there an Russian tournament with prize pool 6000$
run https://www.speedrun.com/super_ghouls_n_ghosts/run/y6dko76m

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hmm. the video you posted isnt really enough to say the dude is cheating. some strange movements but nothing inhuman... stage 5 boss doesnt look crazy. maybe the sub pixel jump in level 1 was very lucky... him going under a coffin in level 1 is not fishy, his weird astaroth kill is not the normal strat but maybe we can credit that to him not being an experienced player and getting lucky....

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@pilepile watch full run 🙂
we just post some moments what looks funny.
he also did not try to refute

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@pilepile Если ты умеешь слушать, то поймешь почему босс на 5 лвл странный
@pilepile If you know how to listen, you will understand why the boss on LVL 5 is strange

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@pilepile Download Mesen-S-> Start the game-> And pause the game in the same way, without the pause icon, so that the frame counter does not move and send us this video
(first 6 second in unread stream https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hga81oEt5LZJ2NKFZ-ypPTfqScrm0FBa/view )

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that fight is not "inhuman"... i know how to listen, and i know how to play this game. that fight its lucky and ive seen and had similar fights...

trying to give this guy the benefit of the doubt before theres a bunch of people that dont have runs accusing this guy of cheating. put your pitchforks down for a moment till people that have been playing this game for years take a good look and make a call.

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@pilepile we have runs, we just not post it, i played this game almost 1 month every day https://www.twitch.tv/pikapikapikachuuuu
also my pb is 34:32, just to lazy to highlight it, because i want do better pb 🙂

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@pilepile Он буквально только что удалил запись трансляции с VK service!
Я подозреваю что вы не смотрели полную версию! Я прошу вас услышать очень ранюю реакцию голоса! Играя всего 20 часов он сделал такой lucky run!
@pilepile He literally just deleted the broadcast recording from VK service!
I suspect that you haven't watched the full version! I ask you to hear a very early reaction of the voice! Playing for only 20 hours, he made such a lucky run!

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I've taken a closer look at the video. We have some good evidence that's it not cheated from the video alone. This evidence is an input display, as well as audio (button sounds) matching the button presses in the input display.

And according to his Livesplit in this recording, he has finished 1 run, but made 331 attempts at finishing.

The strategies used in the video are smart strategies from what I could tell.

For example, the dodge of the bosses claws in Stage 5, that can be predicted with some knowledge of the timing of that attack. He almost got hit, for sure.

I do have a concern: That is that during the overworld screen, I don't see an input on the input display to advance the screen. And I don't believe holding right will work there.

Another thing I was not familiar with was the invincibility setup in the beginning of Stage 3. That can be very tricky but I don't know how consistent that particular setup is.

These 2 concerns right now, don't warrant an removal of the run. I am curious about the overworld screen though, that is strange that I don't hear or see a button to advance that screen.

Please discuss or point out anything else you find questionable of the run. Thank you for your concern.

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@AquasAquas Почему вы не смотрите полный забег!? Доказательства нажатия кнопок? Он показал заранее заснятый ран с перемотками и перемотки он вырезал!
@AquasAquas Why don't you watch the full race!? Evidence of button clicks? He showed a pre-filmed video with rewinds and rewinds he cut out!


@AquasAquas he didnt learn game 🙂 hard to predict this pattern, if you can't understand game

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This person does not know how to play this game. In 4 days without streaming, he made such a thing ... Seriously? On the 1st try ???? This is not a good person or a better player. We blocked it in the RU community. If you do not see deception in his actions, I'm sorry. More than 30 people all said in one day that it was a cheater.
Moreover, his past races were very suspicious. He does not have such a skill to play at this level. We have known him for a long time.
And his transistors exploded.

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Just watched the full run and the first thing I would say with absolute certainly is that the player is very advanced, this type of play would likely take hundreds of hours to learn. Not only is it very advanced gameplay but it's also one of the luckiest runs I've ever seen, there are definitely some red flags. The pixel perfect jump at the beginning is suspicious but not impossible, however I've still personally never made it and I've probably tried about 1000 times. Even more suspicious though is that he didn't even try for the jump on the second loop, if he made it on the first loop why wouldn't he even try on the second? Also, beating his own PB on the 1st level by a full minute and PB for the full game by over half an hour, is ridiculously suspicious. It's just not possible to suddenly get everything perfect in every boss fight and every pixel perfect jump by luck. The invincibility trick on level 3 is definitely suspicious because he uses the fastest but riskiest technique on both loops, and he also doesn't use it on level 5 which is a bit odd. Risking that pixel perfect jump into the lava without using a pause buffer is extremely difficult, it requires a lot more than just luck, and easily doing it twice is almost impossible I would say.

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There is a lot of slander in my direction. I went through a lot of challenging games in my life, so this game didn't seem difficult to me, and it didn't take me long to learn it with safe strategies. The pause at the beginning of the video was made with the help of special software that allows you to freeze windows so as not to waste computer resources. A few days before PB, my computer broken and I explained in the video why it was. I have several computers to practice the game. My very first PB is indicated on the live split, because my computer broke down and I did not have time to save subsequent attempts.

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@WerzhilWerzhil пиздабол! И с вк трансляцию тоже удалил)

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What is the software for freezing windows? Sounds funnier than transistors

Why did you delete the video from the VK hosting? Why didn't you answer when they wrote to you?

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@WerzhilWerzhil I'll just ask you to go through the first stage on the stream in discord
for moderators, for all us
or just beat 2 stages in a row 🙂

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