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Hi, I'm planning to get into speedrunning this game. I'd have to use an emulator (those aren't regulated if I'm not mistaken). But on what difficulty do we play? Normal? Professional?

It might be helpful to update the rules for newbies like me 🙂

Thank you!

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Yeah, these rules should be added, I recommend the emulator Mesen-S for speedrunning, for Capcom Classics Collection PCSX2 only I can not promise you that on this emulator will be some errors because I have not checked, I recommend Capcom Classics Collection because the game has no lag and is faster than the SNES

Edit: I also checked the PSP emulator and the game works fine, I also recommend PPSSPP v1.12.3 because it is a good PSP emulator


Oke, I will write rules for emulators =)

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Hey, thanks! 🙂

I'll go with Mesen-S since PakLomaks Autosplitters work with it as I've seen.
You didn't clarify the difficulty we're playing on though 🙁 Are we playing on normal?


Main category "Beet the game" Normal. Auto split works on any complexity =)


Autosplit works like a charm, thank you very much for that! Okay, I thought it might be required to play on professional for speedrunning. Thanks for the clarification!


there is a category for every difficulty if you look at the page... you can pick whatever you want. gl

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Oh, I didn't see that. I kinda ignored it since I subconsciously thought it was a sorting button since it is at the top of the table. Thank you and sorry about that.

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