Retroarch with a Snes9x core?
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Retroarch with a Snes9x core?
Richmond, VA, USA

Im currently learning to run SGNG and i do not see anything on Retroarch with a Snes9x core. anyone have any intake on this? I use this same set up for other games i have ran off the snes but I figured i should ask.

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If you're using snes9x core it's the same as if you'd be using snes9x itself or bizhawk with 9x core so it's fine. Bsnes core has less input lag if you can run it though so heavily recommend that!

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Pomorskie, Poland

Retroarch is not allowed and is not recommended for speedruns, I recommend Mesen-S it is a very good emulator for SNES games

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Why would retroarch not be allowed? As long as you're not using any of the bs features like run-ahead there's no difference between using the 9x core or snex9x itself.

с RETROARCH в плане проверок все сложно, так как он имеет много настроек для разгона и сглаживания кадра, поэтому я не включаю его в список рекомендуемых.

with RETROARCH, everything is difficult in terms of checks, since it has a lot of settings for overclocking and smoothing the frame, so I do not include it in the recommended list.

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Sounds like you could just require the runner to show the settings menu after they PB ? Weird to ban an emulator other games accept just because of that.

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