New mods needed!
4 years ago
Georgia, USA

Hey ya'll

I made this board cause my friend made the game and I thought it'd be fun to do some speedruns of it. Then it got really popular, and there are a LOT of you, and well, with all the Life that's been happening recently, I have been very very unable to give the board the love it needs

So yeah, I'll need more mods. I'm looking for people who are higher up on the leaderboards, cause I've given your runs a lot more consideration and am pretty sure I can trust you. If you're interested, drop a line here, and I'll consider you.

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Basse-Normandie, France

I'm interested, considering I'm still active on this game.

Georgia, USA

Aight, I got three new mods from the high rankings on the leaderboard (and the creator of the game), I think that's probably good =w=. Thanks ya'll.

Newfoundland, Canada

Dead forum post, but I wouldn't mind helping if there's ever more need.

United Kingdom

I wouldn't mind helping out if there's ever a slot free!

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