NG+ Saves and Notes
NG+ Saves and Notes
Updated 1 month ago by srd_27
  • NG+ save files:

  • My deck focuses on winning with ATT missions only. MIL missions are slow to play with. Sometimes, I just let the enemy win their own MIL mission so we don't have to spend a long time playing through the MIL mission.

  • Dialogue choices to skip battles:

  1. Ch2: Choose to escape to Muse instead of staying at Merc Fort. You will still have to return to the fort, but there'll be less battles overall.
  2. Ch.3: Refuse to join in battling Highland with Viktor/Flik after meeting Anabelle.
  3. The three tutorials in Ch1, Ch3 and Ch4
  • Battles with VP requirement reduction by having specific cards on your deck:

(Unsure if this list is complete)

  1. Ch3: Escape from Muse mission will reduce the three Muse battles VP to only 1.
  2. Ch4: Richmond will reduce Shu battle VP from 5 to 3.
  3. Ch4: Shu will reduce the first Solon Jhee battle VP from 4 to 2.
  4. Ch5: Capture Two River mission will reduce the first Seed battle VP from 5 to 3.
  5. Ch5: South Window War mission will reduce the first Solon Jhee battle VP from 5 to 4. (not used in my run)
  6. Ch6: Teresa will reduce the Culgan and Seed battle VP from 5 to 3.
  7. Ch7: Star Dragon Sword will reduce the Neclord battle VP from 8 to 3. (Alternatively, Sierra will reduce the VP to 4. Kahn or Defeat Neclord mission will reduce the VP to 5.)
  8. Ch9: Miklotov or Capture Matilda mission will reduce some of the Matilda battles VP requirement.
  • The starting deck have Escape from Muse & Richmond for the Ch3 & CH4 VP reductions. After Shu's fight, I'll swap them to Capture Two River & Rina.

  • Before going to Greenhill in ch6, I'll swap 1x Culgan card with Teresa to trigger the ch6 VP reductions. I'll swap Teresa back after the Greenhill fights.

  • Mashing dialogue is done by mashing A & B buttons. If a second dialogue choice is required, make sure to only mash the B button. Turbo is done using the autofire function of the emulator.

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