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Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

these new moderators are accepting coin races with people using double coins or coin multipliers but do not accept races with background music. bro

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New York City, NY, USA

i don't even put runs on the leaderboards xD blame it on Act, he's the guy who put the weirdest runs in WR


Sorry for that guys, some of the mods are not seriously verifying the runs. I'm currently checking for invalid top times. If you want you can dm me here or on discord if you see a top 30 time that should be retimed or rejected. Thank you for your understanding.

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Pará, Brazil

@Mustarda not accepting races that enter the top 30 but aren't uploaded by YouTube or don't have game audio is a new rule that all mods must follow, I also find that annoying. it is also true that many races are being checked incorrectly.

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Pará, Brazil

Once we have verified or rejected all outstanding races, we will review again and organize the leaderboards, this is part of the verification plan, I really hope it works.

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Somerset, England

I think these new mods were added carelessly, were they even tested on retiming? The bad moderators should be removed but @hsblue probably doesn't care because he did mass verify runs meaning he doesn't care about the correctness of this board

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@Mustarda @YUMmy_Bacon5, We created this new rule about game's sound on top 30 runs to prevent the speed modifications which are considered cheating.

Somerset, England

But I wasn't complaining about that?

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tbh, I also don't really like the fact that some randoms got accepted as mods, especially the ones that moderate a lots of games but don't even play subsurf. I do understand that the leaderboard needed to be updated as fast as possible, but the fact that it's not done seriously is really annoying. I believe that some of these people will leave the team when the list of submissions will be done.

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Madrid, Spain

I wouldnt complain. Maybe act should have been more careful but other than that, the mods have been doing a great job. Look at paroah, killed and axil for example. I think that the situation required it. Also, as they have said many times, they are trying to get through the runs and fix it later. Its not that the new mods are lazy, its all planned Also, even if they leave later, they done their job verifying and fixing the boards laster (assuming that they help with that too)

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That's not how that work, you can't randomly "verify" runs and then fix it later.

Basque Country

about the double coins: we allow runs with coin multipliers, but if a run multiplies coins by 2, he has to get 200 coins to win so you have to get 100 individual coins yes or yes if this isn't the case, there is some miss in the verification

you probably say it because of the run that was WR in 100 coins; yea it was timed wrong because of a fail of a mod verificating it; i fixed it so the time ended at 200 for him

Basque Country

about the music: yea for verification reasons and stuff, top 30 runs in any category require in game sound of the game, with in game music activated tho, if a run isnt top 30, it doesnt matter if it has background music, we have no problem with it; just that the sound is needed for those tops you even can play with both background music and game sound at the same time, as long as the game one can be listened sufficiently for the verification

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Iowa, USA

sorry about the badly verified runs by me. I was very tired and sick and wanted to clear the run que.

@Ninjissou the only reason I wanted to be a mod was to clear the run que. I am going to leave moderation after the que goes down.

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ok, but the runs I sent didn't have this music rule in the top 30 yet, so I had deleted the videos with the original sound of the Subway surfers music, I think you should have looked at the date I sent because I entered the top 10 with A LOT of effort in the "NO COINS" mode

Thanks for support.

Basque Country

@Mustarda oooh welp im so sorry for that i got to verificate runs of day 23 and even some of 22, so is posible that we did a wopsie with that i guess any run done before the date of the announcment should not obligate that rule if you submit again with its real gameplay date and i can see the date, i'll give it a check :)

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@Mustarda already put me in the top