Is Anyone Still Actively Running This Game?
8 years ago
New York, USA

Hey, got into this game a month ago from being the PS4 Free game of the month. Thought it would be cool to speedrun.

Just wanted to know if anyone is still active here.

As of right now I've only ran Reminiscenses (with a 6:12 time not the best but it could be much better)

Just wanted to know if there are any actual guides out there, I've watched all the runs submitted for reference, but want to know if there are any step by step guides.

Also I see potential for a lot of categories for this game. There could be NG+ category (where you would use the replay mission mechanic) but I'd personally like to run any% more.

Another question, do you think the game would be good to run on PS4? I've been running it on PC but I really prefer the controller to keyboard.


hey, I am playing styx on PC but i Think I will take it on XBOX One too, but I'm okay with you i really want to run it. run any% of course, have you begun it ?


Styx is not worth Speedrunning on console, the load times are way too long. Just FYI.

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