Version differences
3 years ago
United States

Can't help but notice that basically every run has been on PS1. Is it the superior version, or just most accessible? If the other releases are different, then are they different enough that there would be strat deviation?

Texas, USA

In general the Playstation 1 version is the most accessible, but all versions are pretty much identical.

The PlayStation Network version (which is on PSP, Vita, and PS3) is essentially just emulating the PS1 version. I can't speak to the performance on PSP or Vita, but on PS3 there's no noticeable difference. I have not done a timing test, but if there is any loading difference between versions it's very minor.

We also give the option to list PS2, but that's really just running the PS1 disc on different hardware.

There's also the arcade version, but I'm not entirely sure of the differences on that one to be honest. It might be worth taking a look.

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