Introduction of myself and my interest in running strider 2.
5 months ago
Stockholm, Sweden

I go by ILikeFightingGames (Games, Fighting, ILFG, Fighting Games etc is all fine too)

I found the game strider 2 this fall and absolutely loved it very much

I decided to try running it in all categories but primarily Hien %

I am not good by any means and there is so much I don't know in terms of optimization and speedrunning programs and tech, and I am very inconsistent in my performance, but I wanna give it a go for as long as it is fun!

I have no plans at this time to speedrun another game but that may change!

I hope to have a run good enough to place in any category or level times at some point.

I tend to get very nervous when trying to perform in a game but I think that is a threshold to overcome

I am in the process of finalizing a video for submission as a all levels hiryu run that I hope can also function as an entry into other categories.

as OBS won't capture duckstation it is watermarked and it even has a sloppy run attached to it to boot, but I want to try to go through the process of submitting and getting a response so I reach that milestone and am aware of how it works.

I have much to learn but I am motivated

Take care everyone!

I joined the discord but sadly it seems inactive