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Hey guys, I’m klem and I was wondering how are the rules going to be exactly.

I’ve beaten all the possible records on the iOS rankings on the actual game and I was looking to know how the rules work here.

I’ve got screenshots for all my segments and plan on soon creating some videos but I wanna know all of it before I start.

My times (can also be seen on the game center rankings) are: 100% normal - 1:18:15 boss completion any % normal - 44:46 100% classic - 1:25:51 boss completion any % classic - 53:44

The one I tried the most was definitely the boss completion any % normal because it was the only level I would be able to beat DZ’s time of 45:00 (which I believe is not legit anyway since his 100% runs take 11:00 each).

I think we should be allowed to use any glitch/bug since the game is the same for everyone, we can all use those glitches too.

I think we should stick to game time, I’m unsure if it keeps counting when we are at the menu but my runs got better and better the less time I used it.


Hi, welcome. =)

This game was added recently here so the rules are still being ajusted. I'm not a moderator and i'm discussing some o these rules.

Only the game time is being used and probably is going to keep this way. All categories are in Classic difficulty, for now theres no Normal Difficulty category.

There's some runs without video that were acepted but I sugest you record because this will probably be required soon (it has to be).

Again, welcome. =)

Hi! I recommend you to submit the runs the next Monday because of the rules and all of that, we are going to change them, but you have to have video (the records that I verify without the video are because are really long videos but since your records are for about an hour, you have to have video), you are allowed to use glitches (like the pass key glitch) and I think that’s all, just wait till Monday to see the new rules and be sure everything is ok.

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