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The IGT in this game purely tracks the time spent in each Mission - no menus or loads. It removes any issues of comparing runners of differing load speeds (install vs. disc), instead compares purely on gameplay. It also accounts for lag!

There are issues with the IGT. If you check the IGT from the Mission Log, it only tracks to the minute without seconds available. Also, you would need to check before and after for NG+, and a run of All Missions wouldn't be able to check IGT this way at all.

Therefore, to provide runners the option of a more accurate IGT, I've posted a spreadsheet on the Resources to track the time. It works by finding the difference between the Op. time remaining at the Combat Results Screen and the total available time per mission. If you die during a mission, record the difference between the last visible time before ejection and mission time. Subtract that value from mission's Op. time remaining.

For example:

Mission 01 is 15 minutes long Dies 2 minutes in (13:00) Completes next attempt at 11:33 11:33-2:00=9:33 14:60 - 9:33 = 5:27 IGT

The only Mission that poses an issue is the Tutorial Mission (or Mission 00) for NG. Since there is no Combat Results Screen, the easiest way to track the time on this Mission is to check the remaining time when MISSION COMPLETE appears on screen. This isn't entirely accurate, as the timer keeps ticking while the screen fades to white. Doing it this way avoids any questions about the hard to read time as it fades to white.

IGT remains optional/secondary. This is because menus should still matter.

The following is how long each Mission takes. Remember, if you are playing 2082, the A Path (16/17) or B Path (18/19) matters.

Mission 00: 40 Mission 01: 15 Mission 02: 20 Mission 03: 15 Mission 04: 20 Mission 05: 20 Mission 06: 30 (20 initial, 10 added at door) Mission 07: 40 Mission 08: 15 Mission 09: 20 Mission 10: 50 (40 initial, 10 added after Bldg destruction) Mission 11: 15 Mission 12: 20 Mission 13: 30 Mission 14: 30 Mission 15: 20 Mission 16: 30 (20 initial, 10 added after calling Blackwidow) Mission 17: 40 Mission 18: 25 (20 initial, 5 added after ambush) Mission 19: 40 Mission 20: 20 Mission 21: 40 Mission 22: 40 Mission 23: 50 (40 initial, 10 added after D3Eye is destroyed)

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