Dreamcast Runs - Separate or Combined w/ PC Version?
10 months ago
Alberta, Canada

Just wondering if any full game or individual mission runs done on the Dreamcast version will be valid to submit with the current leaderboard setups? Currently there's nothing in the rules that state Dreamcast runs need to be separate categories, however PC is the only available platform to submit a run for, as well as there being a substantial amount of differences between the two platforms that could significantly impact timing.

These include things such as differing amounts of enemies in some missions, different menus for ship selection, no carrier interiors to navigate on DC, differing load times, etc. Timing with the in game mission timer could alleviate this for individual missions, but full game runs would still have to deal with these differences unless there were separate categories for the two platforms.

Also another quick question, if doing individual missions, can those be done from loading previous saves, or no? Rules under the mission category say no previous saves, but if doing a run for something like mission 24 would require playing through the entire rest of the game for a single attempt with that rule in place.

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Sorry for a late response lol, dreamcast runs are actually seperate, but I did approve your current ones for the PC since it's not that far off. Also nice seeing more people run this. You are allowed to start from saves, at the mission, you dont have to play through the entire game to do one run, that'd be a bit extreme lol.

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