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Can someone please explain to me how using and not using animation Cancelling effects your time? I couldn’t find a forum about this and if u can use it without a penalty it gives pc players a huge advantage in glitchless runs to players playing on console. (Also the discord link is expired)

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Good animation canceling saves time on every interaction for tools. Each tool has different time save, but it is free time save for pc players for sure. The community (on discord) decided to split categories up for animation canceling and a category for not using it, which will make consoles a little bit more even with the regular runs.
The category change hasn't been implemented yet site-wise.

There is talk/some implementation of a load remover for pc, so consoles could see similar "time save" if something is decided (almost no one currently does console so it isn't discussed much).

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I actually came here for this question. As an Ex-League of Legends player, I'm very familiar with the idea of animation cancelling. That said, I've noticed that if I spam click my mouse while cutting down a tree, I will frequently get carpal- err a sped up animation. When we talk about no animation cancels, is this what we're referring to? I'm looking to do a marry speedrun, so if I'm not allowed to do that, I need to know well ahead of time. Given my run is going to have alot of down time, I don't mind not doing it, but I definitely don't want my run invalidated because of a failure to understand from my end. Also, I love that image for some reason Chikorita. 😉


Animation cancels are performed by pressing right shift, delete, and R, on the same frame, after using a tool or weapon. Spam clicking is a normal vanilla mechanic. You can’t accidentally animation cancel, so you should be okay. I’m pretty sure there’s a guide/resource talking about animation cancel and linking an AutoHotkey script that most runners use.
Animation cancelling does save time, but not nearly as much as good rng and game knowledge. I find that it’s easy for some players to assume glitchless runs are faster because of animation cancelling, but that’s not exactly the case (see mines 50 Glitchless vs Vanilla). I’ve done about 200 attempts of glitchless mines 50 with animation cancel and gotten a 13 minute run. Did 3 attempts of vanilla mines 50 to see how much of a difference it makes and got an 18 minute run (would’ve been 15-16 with animation cancelling). Long story short, animation cancelling makes a fast run faster, but doesn’t necessarily make a slow run fast. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk 🙂

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I will always come to your Ted talk Ethan. Thanks for clarifying this 🙂

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Spam clicking your mouse is faster than just holding down the Left Click for tools yes. And as Ethan said, animation canceling is a different beast.

And thanks bailez 🙂 I like yours as well 🙂

And as Ethan said, animation canceling doesn't necessarily mean you'll be faster than without it. Good routing (and rng) are often more important than animation canceling alone. Example being my 50 mines vanilla being faster than most people with animation canceling. Or some vanilla CC runs that are far far faster than my own glitchless run XD

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