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Category Extensions now live

Voting is now finished and the Extensions Leaderboard is now live. Runs that survived the 2 rounds of votes - Perfection, 4 Candles, Hatmouse, Parsnip%, Talk to everyone, Posh%, Seaurchin%, Hidden note statues (??%), Skull Caverns 100, underwearsoup, Junimo Kart, Junimo Kart Progress Mode (and seeded Perfection and 4 Candles)

There are a few small differences for this leaderboard. Meme runs don't have multiplayer due to the length of (most) of the runs. There is only Glitchless for this leaderboard as well, with no plans on adding Vanilla (you can filter the leaderboard to show only no AC runs), NDE, or Glitches (due to the reduced glitches available on newer versions of the game).

Perfection will also allow for breaks in the runs, so if you do Perfection please be aware of the different requirements for recording and breaks.

Leaderboard Changes

(via Chikorita in Discord)

Hello everyone. Hope everyone is well. If you haven't noticed the leaderboards now contain the new Vanilla category (for no animation canceling) and NDE (formerly Pasteless and NMG).

Now that those changes have been made we can start to consider additional categories. The below survey is to take ideas for these potential categories. After people have submitted ideas, we will hold a vote on whether you would run each category (to gauge popularity and to help determine which are added).

2022 Tool Rulings (from vote + discussion from late 2021)

After consideration of people's reasonings, opinions, and votes regarding tools in speedruns from late last year, here are the rulings.

(Vanilla/Glitchless) Allowable tools - simple images and spreadsheets are okay. Making edits mid-run to them are okay.
Not allowed - moveable layer images, tools that pull seed info, or tools that automate searching for data.

NDE (no dialogue extension - pasteless rename) and Glitches Allowable tools - any tool that doesn't pull the game seed.
Not allowed - a tool that pulls game seed or automates the searching for data.

Hopefully these will help future proof the rules for any tools not yet developed/considered ?

Seeded - any regular (not TAS) tool is allowed. No seed predictors in-game - planning can be done beforehand with them (including images). Regular category rules still apply (glitch, NDR, etc)

Happy 2022!

Hello everyone! Your friendly neighborhood mod here to welcome us all into the new year! We here at the mod team have a few announcements and reminders, as well as general updates for this awesome community.

Firstly, we are analyzing the responses of the survey sent out in the Discord regarding tool use, and we hope to have a definitive stance soon. While evaluating the responses and decided how to proceed with tools will take some time, the response for allowing 3:1 animation cancelling rebinding was overwhelmingly yes. Therefore, we will be allowing 3:1 rebinds for animation canceling only at this time. The rules will reflect this change soon.

Secondly, we hope to roll out the leaderboard revamp following the verdict on tool discussion.
In less technical and more exciting news, Stardew Valley will be showcased in not one, but two marathons in the coming weeks! Community Center Glitched by olenoname will be at AGDQ on Friday, January 14th, EST. To view the schedule in your local timezone, click here:

Additionally, on Sunday January 16th, Bla_De, piano_addict, cordite89 and TheHaboo will be showcasing a Mines 120 co-op run at indiethon. To view the schedule in your local timezone, click here:

Both stream links have also been added to the Discord as events for convenience.
We’re looking forward to an eventful 2022! Thanks for taking the time to read this and have an amazing day!