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Since I couldn't put this in resources, for anyone who wanted to play here are some locations where you can play ssf2 via flash or download.
1.) (official site)
2.) (v1.1.01 as of this post)
3.) (v0.9 as of this post)
4.) (v1.1.0.1 as of this post)
If all 4 of these links go down, either it was from Nintendo claiming copyright or something, or because the game migrated sites. If so, contact me via the links on my profile and I should be able to direct you to the game's location.


idk if v.0.9 is 9a or 9b as of right now, if anyone knows, feel free to write it here. However, i recommend downloading it from the archives on the official site.


only play on the mcleodgaming site; It helps the devs


This is super late, but better late than never. I put a link to the game download in the Resources tab.