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Ok, it's smashdown and you play against a lvl 9 cpu
all dlc and all bas game characters must be unlocked
max battles 39
mercy rule: on
style stock
stocks 1
time limit infinity
fs meter off
cpu lvl 9
stage selection: can be any legal stage, so anyone or random is fine as long as its only legal stages, omega or battlefield forms are also fine
items off
stage morph/hazards off
lanch rate 1.0
underdog boost off
pausing, score display and show damage doesnt matter, but pausing does not pause your time, obviously
so basically you have to get to 20 wins against the lvl 9 cpu as fast as possible. You can reduce time by not losing and winning more quickly. You can choose any characters but the cpu's characters must be random

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i kinda like it not gonna lie

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The only problem is we can't measure "Legal" stages. Everyone has different opinions on stagelists. May e having only Battlefield/Omega forms works better for this.
Being able to choose the CPUs characters would make it more optimizable imo. Instead of just 20 battles in a row against a CPU, which would get boring, picking good matchups would make it a lot more fun to watch.

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this won't be added to these leaderboards though. we can make a spreadsheet for categories like this, if you guys want to.


I would run this! I’m down for someone to set up a spreadsheet for this

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