Classic Mode IGT Calculator

A webapp for calculating In Game Time To use, record what the game timer says at the end of each round. Record the timer for the bonus game in the Bonus Timer section. The app will do all the appropriate math to calculate IGT, just record the timer directly. If you die during a round: the game timer will reset to 5 minutes when you continue. Record both the game time when you died as well as when you completed the round. If you run out of entries, simply click Add New. (external link)

By SirScrubbingtonSirScrubbington

Classic Mode Spreadsheet

A spreadsheet that has information based on each character's Classic Mode Route. This information has been processed into the Statistics sheet that has varying degrees of usefulness. (external link)

By ArahpthosArahpthos

WoL NG+ IGT Calculator

A tool for calculating the In Game Time for World of Light NG+ runs. Simply log what the Play Time from both the start and end of your run in the correct fields. (external link)

By ArahpthosArahpthos

World Of Light Shop Spirits Checklist

Checklist for all the spirits you can buy so that you can keep track and not make extra trips to the shops that might not be worth it. Useful for All Challenges, All Challenges No Online, and All Challenges (Spirits). Red is list of spirits I don't consider worth spending money on, don't remember exactly what Green or Blue are but it's related to spirits you can use to summon. (direct download)

By Madtaz64Madtaz64




Classic Splits

A folder that includes all 71 current fighter's Classic Mode paths as splits. (external link)

By TechTech