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3 years ago

so i made a spreadsheet now. just put things there that were requested. We can discuss now what we can put on these boards and if you are fine with what i've already added to it (and the design of it, still would change things but i'm tired). If you have any ideas for new categories, that make at least a little bit of sense, you can show them under this thread, write me a private message here or on discord.


Submit here:

That's my christmas gift for ya

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Victoria, Australia

@Jaaay Cool, but why don't you request a category extensions board instead? Surely this would be much easier? I don't run the game though so maybe I'm wrong and it shouldn't be requested, but just an idea.

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Maryland, USA

The kind of categories people suggest for this game are super arbitrary and should not be on a category extensions leaderboard.

New Jersey, USA

Isn't that the entire point of category extension leaderboards? Look at the category extension leaderboards for getting over it. Most of them would be classified as "arbitrary"

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Maryland, USA

I don't believe so especially with the limited content of that game. Plenty of other category extensions have proper objectives and motive to them, all people want for this is CPU (x) stock so that they have a place to upload their chrom up b's. This game does not have genuine extensions outside of World of Light stuff which has always been unpopular.

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Where tf is hammer only % or whatever?

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When are solo runs of Wol getting a category

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I don't know if this is the right place to suggest this idea but i think a cool category "Win a fight with all characters on Quickplay". I've been streaming it recently and people seem to really like it.

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@Dertolo SBC I think that would be cool with smash mode, as they can make different sub-categories for this, such as 0.0 5.0 9.0 . They can also make a rule that all stages must be set to random, so you do not get to choose a stage you are great with. The only problem I see with this, is that some DLC are not out yet, so it would have to come out once all of them are, considering complete runs will be deemed uncomplete once more DLC come out. Anyway, other than that, this category idea seems pretty cool!

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He/Him, They/Them
2 years ago

do you need to use hard mode on wol free mario?

nah, doesnt matter, just play the difficulty you like

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São Paulo, Brazil

i have a suggestion for a silly category: 99 stock 10 hp kill yoself but you can only use self damaging moves on pichu ( this would be with to characters and you cant use P2 also no blastzone

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@JustCallMeFish give me an example run and i put it on the spreadsheet


PLS Add a WOL NG+ Solo Character runs category.

Maryland, USA

The objective is to beat the game mode, it is not separated by character like other game modes. WoL is optimally playing with a single character regardless (or a few for the boss rush at the end), this arbitrary suggestion will not be considered.


Just an idea, but how about 2s%? Basically, it’s a two stock, unlimited time, no spirit without items and smash balls (but all the other settings default). The objective is to KO the cpu (cpu can be any level, preferably 1) as fast as you can. I’m new to speed run. com so idk how it works and idk is this is a good idea.


and also, map has to be basic battlefield, the stopwatch starts when the guy says go, and MII characters are allowed

Los Angeles, CA, USA

How about a category where we have to beat as many CPUs as possible in All-Star smash before being defeated, like "All-Star Smash High Score"? Basically, the amount of CPUS defeated in a single match of All-Star Smash becomes your submitted time in Milliseconds (E.G. If you K.O. 118 CPU fighters before being K.Oed yourself, your score would be submitted as 0:00.118.) We don't have a score based category on the leaderboards, so why not add one?