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Where I can see the Melee IGT (Classic) I want to submit a run but I can't find IGT


I think you add up the time individually.


What do you mean?


You have to add up the time for each stage. You take note of the starting time on the clock for each stage, and note the time on the clock when you finish a particular stage. You subtract the finish time from the starting time which gets you the IGT for that stage (the time that passed). You then add these up for all stages in the run. Using a calculator it isn't hard, just takes a bit of time. You need to record the run obviously in order to be able to refer back to the video for the in-game times for each level.


Ah, Ok Thanks^^

So, The in game time is the time, where i do the fighting and stuff. And the times where i actually fight is IGT? IGT Starts with the fight(s) and pauses/end at the end of the fight(s)

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I feel as if RTA should be used, as you don't need to calculate and it should still be accurate to placement. I realize I probably won't change a thing, but RTA would be less tedious and still give the information a leaderboard needs to gives, also clearly not many people want to because most of the categories a majority of people don't do it, which also makes the leaderboard at its current state more accurate due to anyone without IGT added is automatically worse than someone with IGT. I can't think of any way to lose or gain time unless you are using an emulator, which seems to be banned by default anyway.


RTA isnt accurate because every version had loading differences