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The community has been on the fence for several months / years about what to do with Entei. His opinions and views were often toxic to a lot of other players in the community.

There was a lot of complaints and drama around this user most notably with pikashy.

There was a lot of controversial and non politically correct statement made on his twitch or in his discord messages.

Recently Entei got banned from twitch for showcasing an anti-Semite drawing and I think it's time for this community to do better.

It's time to stop this toxicity, there has been numerous instances where entei was a bad influence or went too far and we (the community) no longer want to be associated with this user.

Best of luck in your future projects and hopefully you get to be more tolerant or accepting of others.

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Sadly he was. There were one of the good reasons why we have not interact with him for a good while. His reputation in this community is really really bad at that point. We already knew what he did in the past this includes bullying, and targeting toward specific smash players like Pikashy which can result Pikashy to quit speedrunning entirely.

Entei has ton of history of running Smash Bros 64 for about 2-3 years, and yes he is very good at Smash Bros 64 speedrunning overall. However, when it comes to being good at it but bullying players just to feel good about themselves, that's when the red flag raises up.

CW:// Racism

Like KM said:

The drawing on the paper Entei displayed on his twitch stream was not acceptable, THAT was a huge red flag and then he got banned for it.

We thank Entei for contributing in this community and I wish him the best of luck on his future. And I hope he become a better person after this.

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toxicity, this is one thing i dont like because it just ruins it from the community


Disappointing to see the mods make this decision.


Why be disappointed if he is a racist, xenophobic piece of trash? Honestly after the shit he has said and done , I wouldn't have even wished him well.

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Hi people, stain here. I usually stay by what blaqualuigi and KM say, since they are pretty forgiving and don’t punish reasonlessly. Although I don’t know entei well, all I have heard about him was bad. I do hope that he will make a comeback as a better version of himself. Much love to y‘all.
And besides that, I think I’ll start working on my PBS from tonight on, but don‘t expect WR, cause KM is a beast :0

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