Entei is now banned
2 years ago

The community has been on the fence for several months / years about what to do with Entei. His opinions and views were often toxic to a lot of other players in the community.

There was a lot of complaints and drama around this user most notably with pikashy.

There was a lot of controversial and non politically correct statement made on his twitch or in his discord messages.

Recently Entei got banned from twitch for showcasing an anti-Semite drawing and I think it's time for this community to do better.

It's time to stop this toxicity, there has been numerous instances where entei was a bad influence or went too far and we (the community) no longer want to be associated with this user.

Best of luck in your future projects and hopefully you get to be more tolerant or accepting of others.

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so he was toxic

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Sadly he was. There were one of the good reasons why we have not interact with him for a good while. His reputation in this community is really really bad at that point. We already knew what he did in the past this includes bullying, and targeting toward specific smash players like Pikashy which can result Pikashy to quit speedrunning entirely.

Entei has ton of history of running Smash Bros 64 for about 2-3 years, and yes he is very good at Smash Bros 64 speedrunning overall. However, when it comes to being good at it but bullying players just to feel good about themselves, that's when the red flag raises up.

CW:// Racism

Like KM said:

The drawing on the paper Entei displayed on his twitch stream was not acceptable, THAT was a huge red flag and then he got banned for it.

We thank Entei for contributing in this community and I wish him the best of luck on his future. And I hope he become a better person after this.

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toxicity, this is one thing i dont like because it just ruins it from the community


Disappointing to see the mods make this decision.

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And besides that, I think I’ll start working on my PBS from tonight on, but don‘t expect WR, cause KM is a beast :0

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The Description reads: Entei64 accuses me of being a creep for calling him out in my Twitch bio. I call him out for his years of bullying, harassment, and targeting acts he's done to me. Yet he still has a highlight of himself reading my full Twitch Bio, making fun of everything I wrote, which he did on Sept 3rd, 2020. On top of reading my Twitch bio, he calls me mentally ill for over 2 hours straight, gets chat involved in making fun of me, his viewers sabotage my stream happening at the same time, and more. Later in that month, he says that it was the best stream he's ever done, and that he not only highlighted it, but saved it on his computer so that if it ever gets removed from Twitch, he would reupload it to Youtube.

Who's the creep?

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I'm curious as to what this ban entails. Did you remove his runs from the leaderboards? Is he just banned from the Discord server?

Seeing as my videos about Entei are being posted here, I feel I should give my very summarized explanation of what happened. If anyone wants more info, feel free to PM me on Discord, as this is a very shortened explanation.

I got bullied out of the community by Entei64, and the community as a whole did absolutely nothing about it. The bullying went for years, and got so extreme that I eventually quit Twitch, Discord, "pikashy", and everything online because I couldn't take it anymore, and the community still did nothing. On top of that, they did nothing about Entei's extremely toxic behaviour for years, including his sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, making fun of mental illness, etc, even though several members were fully aware of what was going on (I made several of Entei's actions public to the community). They only now banned him because Twitch finally (temporarily) banned Entei, and after that, with the reason for the Twitch ban known by other people and could be potentially easily spread, and fearing backlash if they still did nothing, the community didn't have a choice but to ban him. Even the day before the ban, two moderators had zero interest in banning Entei, and said I was the one who needed to let it go. One moderator still supports Entei today, and defended Entei the entire time since the issues began.

Maybe this will provide more context for why the ban happened. And as I said, if anyone wants more information, feel free to PM me on Discord.

Re-reading my message, I never explained why I was bullied. I was bullied because of WR. Entei wanted to have the WR for himself, and saw me as the runner who could prevent him from getting it, or as the runner that could take it away if he did have it. Anytime I touched "his" category, he targeted me. Even after I quit running the game, the targeting continued, to a point where I quit everything online and walk away from "pikashy". While I was still quit, his community came to my Discord community and harassed everyone there, forcing me to come back to ban everyone and protect the people I cared about (an IRL friend in the server told me about it).

WR is why I was bullied, which is another reason why my runs are off the leaderboards. And the smash 64 speedrunning community did nothing about anything that happened, and instead I was told I was the one that needed to let things go, which is why I am no longer a member of the community, nor do I want to be associated with the community (along with them being ok with his toxic behaviour as explained earlier).

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Still waiting for an answer to my question...

I wasn't involved in the decision, so I don't know. I'd also like to add to that question, and ask if it's a temporary or permanent ban.

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runs are off the leaderboard yes, for how long the ban is i have no clue

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Taking his runs off the leaderboard is stupid, especially if he has WRs in any categories. Can they be put back?


He doesn't have any world record and no not for the time being. Pikashy is the one with all the classic world records

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There shouldnt be a debate about this, since it wouldnt be a ban if his times were here... like .... the whole point of this website is having ur times displayed, so its just nonsensical to put his times back up.

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2 years ago

Following up on what KM said:

Entei's runs were largely devoid of novel potent strategies(me too, not insulting it's an fairly optimized game) and the ones that were useful were implemented by other runners; from a strategy/gameplay perspective the removal of his runs were not a significant loss.

That's a fact regardless of the different perspectives on this

Entei has no records, and any record he had took me a couple of hours of serious attempts to beat at most, some taking less than an hour (with him spending months or years to get the times he got). The only reason he had WRs is because he ran a category nobody else cares about, and his only competition, me, he'd bully to prevent running the category and beating his times (at one point even thanking me for not running the category, letting him get the title, and I have proof of this).

Entei has claimed he's the best runner in the game, and that nobody is on his level (I have this claim locally recorded). Yet if you compare his times to mine, it's not even close. I have the WR in every category, and my average lead per character over the next best run on Very Hard (Entei's category) is over 45 seconds, 10 characters of which Entei has the "next best run" (he has no recorded Falcon or Pikachu run, so the next best run is used for those two). Entei is nowhere near being the best runner, and any claims he is making, a simple fact check shows otherwise.

He's also claimed that he discovered most of the Very Hard strats used today, including many revolutionizing strats that completely changed how the game is ran. All but one strat were either discovered by someone else years before he ran the game, were known about by the community years ago, were so obvious anyone who played the game since it came out would know, or are so obsolete that the strat is effectively useless and at times laughable. For example, his claimed greatest discovery, the Giant DK SD strat, a strat he claims completely changed Very Hard runs forever, was discovered by me several years before he even ran the game. Yet he is claiming to everyone that he made this discovery, even though every part of it was discovered by me. Another example, his "discovery" of the bomb attracting Luigi, is known by literally everybody that has ever played against a level 9 CPU since the game came out, and was discussed as a legitimate strat by the community back in like 2014. The only strat he discovered that is actually good is his first half of Link on Samus (boomerang/bomb into grab). It's currently by far the best consistent start to the Samus stage up until the grab. Everything else is discovered by someone else years before he ran the game, or incredibly obsolete (Link on Pikachu lol. Just compare his strat to mine, it's actually laughable, yet he brags about the strat).

The only reason Entei seemed to be a "top" runner in the game is because he ran a category that nobody cared about, manipulated and lied to everyone, and bullied the best runner into quitting. Yet the difference between me and his Very Hard runs is far larger than me and everyone's Very Easy runs (15ish second average in Very Easy compared to over 45 second average in Very Hard). He's second out of 2 runners that actually take the category seriously (save for the occasional character where someone else does serious attempts), so effectively, he's last place in nearly every category in Very Hard, and far behind the top runner.

On top of that, his extreme toxicity has been going on for years. He was going to be permanently banned back in early 2020, but at his own request, the ban was changed to being temporary (6 months), under the expectation he would improve his behaviour (which, as we all know, he didn't improve at all). The only reason he was never truly banned otherwise is because the main moderator of Classic Mode runs of the game supported Entei the entire time, still supports him now, and defended him throughout the entire 3 years despite all the evidence brought against Entei (again, I have video evidence of Entei saying this, thanking the moderator). From what I was told by some members of the community, they looked up to this moderator for help with the Entei situation after I left (as he basically became the leader by default), as the members didn't feel comfortable speaking up against Entei by themselves, fearing they would be Entei's next target. I myself went to this moderator for help with Entei, providing tons of evidence, and was told I was the problem by this moderator. As a result, Entei was able to roam freely with full toxicity.

In every competitive league, and every profession, when someone shows extreme toxicity, they are suspended, and if their actions continue, or are extreme enough, can be suspended or banned indefinitely. This happens in literally every competitive group, including and notably professional sports. Plenty of athletes, coaches, managers, and owners have been banned for repeated toxic actions. Singers, artists, actors, and more, have all lost their jobs and careers for extreme toxic behaviour. Runners have been banned in the past in other games and from speedrunning events (e.g. AGDQ) for their toxic behaviour. This isn't something that is out of nowhere, and is completely normal.

Entei has already been temporarily banned under the expectation his behaviour would improve, and it hasn't. That temporary ban was basically 90% done by me after I quit the community (basically supporting a community I left), as the community for the most part didn't say or do anything during the ban discussion (they asked me to help with the "trial", but then I was basically the only one talking). Other than that, the community did nothing about Entei until the evidence was so overwhelming they didn't have a choice (I can guarantee he would still be accepted today if Twitch didn't ban him), and even now it's not officially a permanent ban (so basically it's a temporary ban). I don't want to associate with toxicity, nor do I want to be associate or support communities that support that type of behaviour. That's why I left, and honestly, with how long Entei's behaviour has been considered "acceptable", I don't see myself returning to the community.

Sorry to everyone for what may sound like me going overboard, but I've been affected by this personally for 3 years, even to the point of quitting "pikashy" entirely for over 6 months because I couldn't take it anymore. And basically the entire time, I was bullied into silence, never really being able to speak up. And the one person I trusted and turned to for help, turned out to be defending Entei the entire time. This is one of the rare times I've actually publicly explained myself on the whole Entei situation (outside of my personal Discord server, private messages, and buried panels/videos). So before you get mad at me, as I know some people are probably ready to do, just realize what I've been through. As I said previously, if anyone wants to know more about what happened, I'd be happy to talk about it, as I finally feel like I can do so safely. Otherwise, thank you to everyone who read this.

To add a few more pieces of context, when he convinced everyone to make the ban a temporary 6 month ban in January 2020, he was already quitting running the game and selling his copy of Smash 64. He was quitting the game because I beat a challenge before he did (Link Very Hard No Damage), where he wanted to be the first to beat the challenge, and even bullied me to not run it, and even thanked me when I didn't run it for a day, "letting" him beat it first. (He never beat it, yet for some reason everyone thinks he did?) So the ban literally had no effect on him, as he wasn't going to be playing the game at all, nor would he even have a copy to play. This manipulation by him gave him the option to return to the game if he felt like it. So this "temporary" ban effectively had no effect. So for what it's worth, there was never a ban that had an actual effect.

Second, Entei accuses me of being a phony the entire 3 years of the bullying events, and is one of his biggest "excuses" for bullying me during that period. His reasoning for accusing me of being a phony are entirely manipulated facts. However, with what I explained in my last post, Entei has made countless claims that are completely false, claims to be the best runner in the game when he's nowhere close, and more. At the end of the day, I'm not the one who is a phony, Entei is, and the evidence and a simple fact check shows this.

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2 years ago

It's a trend in larger speedrunning communities to have a clear indication of what will and won't be allowed in a succinct list. These are culturally-generated to protect from the kind of strategies for "winning" that rely on real-world harassment and insult; these aren't a clear indication of skill and IMO should be discouraged with threat of exclusion.

If there were a set list of rules in a "code of conduct" this ban would be easier to comprehend for everyone. This discussion thread is largely a result of a lack of granularity in how a ban is justified.

Regardless of why the decision was made it's justification seems to be too vague and sparking this discussion. If the response to people defending Entei was easily cited in a code of conduct then the discussion could focus on the revision of the code rather than a discussion focusing on an individual conflict between players.

Discussions on this specific case seem to be largely unable to result in meaningful and concrete changes. This discussion will quiet likely in short term but it will come back again if nothing is specified as boundaries; it's a pattern at this point and it's damaging to the health of competition, reputation, and popularity of Smash 64 speedruns.

Regardless of what happened before can we work on more clear regulations on competition? If the mods are gonna ban players I think expectations for what to avoid explicitly would help to encourage participation; both from players worried about bullying/discrimination and also from players looking to avoid being banned and excluded from the community.

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