Verifying a run without audio?
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Verifying a run without audio?

Is it allowed on the leaderboards, or will it be rejected by the mods? There are some other games that require video and audio for verifications, I wonder if it's the same for SSB64?


I'd say it depends on the run. If it's an old run or an accidental cable unplug happened for one run, it could be accepted. It would be preferred to have audio / video for every run, but I think we could accept one run depending on how known the runner is. Video will always be the more important!


problem could be splicing audio in 1p runs

He/Him, They/Them
1 year ago

Splicing in 1P runs requires exact bonus points to carry over in between stages making it more difficult than most games

It's technically possible but effectively more difficult than just getting good enough to WR in most cases if not all