Question on the Jigglypuff Challenge
7 years ago
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[Removed Challenge]

So me and my friend found each other on For Glory and tried doing the Jigglypuff challenge and getting good runs. While doing this we had some questions.

How do we time the challenge?

It does not specify how to time the run, so we assumed it was in-game time and treated it like the green fox challenge.

How do we define a correct rest?

Does a rest count if it hits someone while they are invulnerable. Our runs had an average of a 2 second difference if we hit them while they were invulnerable vs if we waited until respawn invulnerability ended.

Will a run count if it is with a friend?

No rules say anything about having a friend play. It took us about 30 minutes - 1 hour until we found each other on For Glory and about another 2 hours to perfect the runs. Obviously runs with friends would require proof that it was in For Glory.

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  1. In-Game Time
  2. A rest counts if it hits your opponent. If they are invincible and don't take damage, the rest doesn't count but super armour or a clash does count
  3. I'm not sure. I was thinking about how 2 people could grind it out and then the category would become pointless so I think I'm going to get rid of it tbh
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well I guess it's gone, I guess I spent that much time for nothing. ¤cough¤ ¤cough¤ ¤cough¤