10-Man Smash WR? are you sure?
7 years ago

I just saw the video, it's ok to be verified as any other one but it's not first place, I think it's a problem with the "without loads" times. Can a moderator fix that please?

PS: Sorry for the bad english :P

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United States

I've done the same thing once but I removed it almost immediately once I realized the issue, I guess this guy didn't realize or just doesn't care to change it

Newfoundland, Canada

This happened when I accidently did the same thing with my first 100 man time, its confusing to submit these times for the first time, I edited mine to with loads after I realized it.


The WR for 10 man smash is completely fine. It gets the correct igt and he puts that on his submission


it has been corrected this thread can be closed now if anyone wants

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