Truely the Longest Speedrun?
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Hello, I was making a list of the longest speedruns of all time and found the 528 hour long run. Beating what most people think of the longest run (Baten Kaitos 100%) by 187 hours. I did not believe it at first and had this forum to see if this is actually the longest speedrun of all time. (Or at least is an actual 528 hour long speedrun and isn't a troll or something)

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It depends how you want to interpret it because of the way the game is played in a more casual manner. The only limit in the No Time Manipulation category that makes it so ludicrously long is the prohibition of manipulating your system's internal clock to complete sequences of the game faster than natural. Spider RotSM checks for your location and internal clock to determine whether it should be raining or not in-game (based on your location), whether it should be night or day time (based on your system's time), and what phase of the moon cycle you should be in (based on your system's date). Ordinarily, the only in-game way you can affect this is periodically the game allows you to swap the day/ night time or rain/ clear weather for a while if you wish to complete parts of the game without waiting for it to rain in a particular part of the month. The required starting and ending points for the run I did required I start on a waxing crescent moon and end on a new moon which I planned in advance here: You can watch parts of the No Time Manipulation run I did and see that it's essentially just isolated speedruns of different parts of the game just limited to the in-game options for altering the day/ night cycles and weather. Because of this it is very fair to say that this category is not THE longest speedrun game & category. The category includes time between play sessions mostly because every category for this game is done as Real Time Attempts and exempting No Time Manipulation would essentially just make for a typical segmented run. On a technical level this still is an extremely long run because of this timing method as you cannot shift the moon cycle forward any faster than normal through in-game means and you must complete certain parts of the game during certain parts of the moon cycle. This is nowhere near as impressive as sitting down and playing a game for several weeks straight as the time alone implies, but is nonetheless the fastest I was able to complete the game given the month and year I ran it during.

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