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Back from testing.
This strat could potentially save under a minute, but its SO inconsistent that it's just not worth going for it. Keep in mind that if you miss it you'll have to go across the entire map to Angel's crib


The idea behind the strat is the main thing I wanted to point out TBH. The way the game works putting you to a fixed location when you fall OOB has always made this warp interesting for this drive.

I know of 4 or 5 consistent ways to fall out of bounds but most are with late game items so not viable for this mission.
The 2 that are theoretically possible are the floating bike method, which is inconsistent and the Safeword arch door warp which we used to use to get to mayhem but for some reasons it is not possible to use it in this mission.

The long and short is if we could find a quick way OOB, which I am sure will exist, there is a free min to save on this drive.


Yeah, if a quick OOB exists. Otherwise this skip isn't viable for runs


https:/​/​clips.​twitch.​tv/​ObliqueSpicyPoxYee here's a minor thing
During My Name Is, if you destroy the deck while homie abandon timer is ticking down, the "Escape" timer will override it, meaning you don't need to care about homies anymore in this mission. Helpful if theyre getting stuck behind


Pretty much the fastest way to acquire the VTOL for STAG Party
Go into the crib, take out the VTOL, position it so that it's hovering flat above the front of the crib, jump out, start the mission from your phone and land in the marker. The VTOL will float down to the ground after the cutscene.