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TL;DR Powertools and Tornado fix are back. Also Loadless is the main timing method. Plus there's extra requirements for WR runs

• (PC) Saints Row 2 Powertools and Tornado spawn rate mod are now allowed.
The moderation has decided that to improve runners' QoL the Powertools (game speed fix) and Tornado spawn rate mod should be allowed.
Powertools is a mod that can be used to fix your game not running at correct speed compared to the Xbox 360 version. You are not allowed to give yourself an advantageous game speed though.
Tornado spawn rate mod increases the spawn rate of the Tornado chopper at the helipad of Stilwater PD which may encourage usage of more reset-heavy strats compared to the vanilla game.

• (PC) Runs that wish to be considered world record require execution of the Speedup Stopwatch test.
In order to prove that your submission is legit, you must perform the Speedup Stopwatch Test (link in "Resources" tab) right after finishing your run. For the run to be considered legit, the first checkpoint must be reached within 1:42-1:44 range.

• (PC and console) Runs that wish to be considered world record require a full game restart between attempts
Some values in the game's memory are not properly reset on a New Game, thus they can leak over to the next attempts. Thus in order for your run to be considered legit, the clean start (intro videos/copyright screen shown on video) must be performed and visible in the submission video.

• Loadless is now the main timing method.
(PC) For your run to be accepted, its submission video must show the "Game/Loadless time" at all times.
This has been done so that the PC players are put on even grounds regardless of their hardware. A "loadless" timer (link in "Resources" tab) script for LiveSplit will stop the timer whenever it detects that the game is loading.
All the "In-game times" have been discarded due to not being a reliable measure.
The loadless time is not required for console runs (your "with loads" timer should be put into "loadless" field), but we allow for "loadless" times if for whatever reason you decide to "remove" the loads manually.
Many points regarding the Loadless timer are raised here https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​sr4/​thread/​2qwdq

• (PC) If you have a run with no "loadless" time on the leaderboards, you may obsolete it only with a run which has better "with loads" time.

Changes are effective immediately

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