Hi Guys/Girls,

like most of the time I did a run for fun on the Amiga for this game.
So I just wanted to ask if it is possible to add Amiga as a platform so I can submit my run here.
Would be really great.
(I am using WinUAE for emulation).

The Amiga version got some serious slow down issues (same for KQ 1 and most other Sierra games I did run), so even on max speed as soon as there is much animation stuff going on on the screen the game got really slow (Acidrain or in the Spacecantina i.e.).
I am still fine to share the same leaderboard wiht you of course.
So I did beat it in 31m 52s you can check out my run here.

Btw if some of you is active in the speedy adventure discord you can catch up with me there most of the time.

Thanks and Cheers