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5 years ago
Franche-Comté, France

I see someone started Find Mii I and i'm verry happy about that but, i wanted to ask somes questions about.

Why JPN and KOR are same category ? if that Why not Any% for All regions in the same category ? Why No iQue(CHN) and TWN region ? they exist. ( iQue(CHN) Stopped getting updates so you can't hire old heroes ( idk if same for TWN ) but they should be a category :D )

And i got an idea for an category : Using only random heroes but i think this category have to allow Coin hack cause is just impossible to do it without . .


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United States

Regions are split by the amount of time they save on text. JPN and KOR are generally similar in that regard, as are USA and EUR. Many text-heavy games do something similar, like how many Pokemon games have ENG and JPN subcategories. People who owned just a US 3DS were discouraged from running other StreetPass games before the language split, since they'd lose time out of the gate.

If you'd like to see a category added to the boards, we can discuss it further in the Discord linked in the sidebar

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