Questions before I start running this game!
5 months ago
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Hi guys! Spo is top five video games of all time for me, I remember finally beating the bruisers and was so proud of my like 100 win 150 loss record lol. So far I have only ran Mario games (smo, NSM2, Bf, Nsmwii) but I really want to branch into this game as I love it. But first I have a few questions before I learn how to run it.

First of all, are you allowed to die? I’m really bad at some of the later fights especially the third to last one thats a grandpa (sry I forgot his name) ig if I practice I could do it it just seems really hard that way.

Second is there restrictions for running on snes classic? That’s what I would have to use.

Thirdly, is there a good beginner tutorial you guys recommend? If not I can probably copy wr movement but a guide would be great!

Finally, am I allowed to just submit a video of the credits sequence with all my times?


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hi, to answer your questions:

  1. In a single segment run, no you aren't allowed to lose
  2. snes classic has no additional restrictions
  3. this is an excellent beginner guide by hootey: The "guides" tab has other guides there which are more up to date with newer and slightly more advanced strategies, but as a beginner, the hootey video will be the biggest help to you.
  4. you need a full video to submit to the leaderboard. This includes creating a new file, beating all 16 fighters, and the full uninterrupted credit sequence. I used to run on snes classic, and pointing a phone at the screen whilst playing worked best for me to capture gameplay
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