Quick ducking
4 months ago
Michigan, USA

Could someone explain or paste a link on this?

Things I can't seem consistent on: Quick duck after a successful punch Quick duck after a successful punch into another punch Quick ducking in general

Would like to know the detailed frame inputs required and the frame windows on each of these.

I'm running on Snes9x Retroarch for Android.

Not finding the info online so thought to ask here.

Cheers. :)

Quick ducking involves buffering a duck, then when you see the animation begin, cancel it with a punch. iirc correctly you need to cancel it within 9 frames of the animation starting. I believe there's a section dedicated to quick dodges/ducks near the start of hootey's beginner guide if you want a visual aid

it's also worth noting that, if you plan on submitting to the leaderboards, retroarch is banned for submissions

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Michigan, USA

Thank you Cuppa!

I must have somehow overlooked hootey's beginner guide.

Sounds like exactly what I was needing too. :)

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