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The SPM timing has been approved.

New Rules
- Time begins when a new file has started.
- Time ends when "May we meet again in another time and place..." Fades to Black, Right before the Credits.
(Japanese: “では また いつか どこかで...”)
- Proof is required for a leaderboard submission.
- Video Proof is required for any times faster than 4h 30m.
- Emulator runs are banned.
- All runs must be single-segment, using RTA, not IGT (no File Time).

We Watched all the videos and recorded their new times, for any PB’s Without a Video we will just retime to 3:35 Faster for JP and 3:31 Faster for Eng. Runners Please double check your times on the leaderboard. If it isn’t accurate send a screenshot to a mod and we will update it.

Times will be updated starting now.

Runners make sure you adjust your splits to the new timing.

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