Super Paper Mario 100% Baseline Route Notes

Before using these notes I would HEAVILY suggest reading them over, and being VERY aware of the fact that these notes try to compensate for the worst possible RNG. As such, shop inventory space may become an issue. In this event I would suggest being ready and knowledgeable enough to cook things early to free up space. While the recipes are routed in the doc, again, this is just a baseline to follow. Not by any means a full fledged 100% route. (external link)

By TimpaniTimpani


(NTSC-J) Updated Practice Saves

SPM Any% JP Saves, below i left a index to what all the saves are, and you can import them on console using SaveMiiMod. 0 - Chapter 1 Saves 1 - Chapter 2 Saves 2 - Chapter 3 Saves 3 - Chapter 4 Saves 4 - Chapter 5 Saves 5 - Chapter 6 Saves 6 - Chapter 7 Saves 7 - Chapter 8 Saves 8 - Hacked Super Dimentio Practice File 9 - General Practice (LSJ, Peach Skip, Grind, 8-2 Mimi) Saves are at a random saveblock just before each level, so you can do segment practice accurate to your timing method. SaveMiiMod : The place you put all these folders is SD -> wiiu -> backups -> 000100005238504a SaveMiiMod can be used to import these saves on console (Wii U VC only). If you have any questions ask in the SPM Discord! (direct download)

By ZachLink99ZachLink99

(NTSC-U) Updated Practice Saves

Includes savefiles at each and every trick that would require practice as well as saves at the beginning of each and every level. (direct download)

By ZachLink99ZachLink99

Dashell% Save

A hacked file where you start at the bottom of flipside tower with Dashell. You still have to put the heart in the pillar, then enter chapter 1 and continue as normal. Put together by opfromthestart. Currently supports any revision of NTSC-U. (direct download)

By ZachLink99ZachLink99

Trial Stew Challenge

[Eng] Version (direct download)

By NmFlash8NmFlash8

[Eng] - Practice RTA

NTSC Version 1.0. Includes saves for all chapters and intermissions, certain skips, and bosses. Also includes Savegame Manager GX and a tutorial for installing these files. (external link)

By MKRFirestoneMKRFirestone


Blank Any% Splits (external link)

By DaltonDalton