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I thought it might be a good idea to post things here instead of SDA.


I picked up this game recently, thanks a lot unreal for filling the page, it was very helpfull.

I got a 2:11 recently, but i am playing on USB Loader because I only own the PAL version of the game, which turns out to be heavly patched.

Anyways, 2 things i found out while messing with this game:

First: If you run off the edge with full speed for foward hovers, you can gain some extra distance which makes a lot of the hovers easier for RTA (especially the boulder skip), sadly it doesnt help much with passcard skip as you have close to no space to build up speed on that dumb statue.

Second: As you may or may not know, the last slash of sphinx' tripple slash attack does double dmg. Turns out that also applys to Bosses, which allows you to defeat them in less Cycles. For example, this allows you to 3 Cycle Set instead of the normal 6:

This also works on Geb Queen (thank god) and the Spider boss, altho on the spider boss it causes him to become invincible for a pretty long time, so you would only want to do it on the last attack for each cycle. It's probably not worth going for on that boss, because at most you'd cut the 3. round, but you risk messing up the manipulation strat.

This can actually be pretty hard to pull off because you need to avoid hitting your first 2 attacks but need your third one to hit right after, which is even worse on Set because he likes to push you arround with his hands. You often end up either hitting him early or missing him completly. It's a lot easier on Geb queen because she pretty much stands still once the bugs latch onto her.


Well I got a 2:02:29 (still on USB Loader so I wont submit it), pretty good run overall, I got 2 of the 3 possible Luxor Amulett Dupes and saved 2 minutes, got passcard skip within 50 seconds (first actuall attempt at the hover but I failed getting on the Statue a lot) and really solid boss fights, altho I missed 1 of the 3 possible double hits on each Set and Geb Queen.

I also lost arround a minute in Lost Temple and some minor stuff here and there, but nothing major. I might buy a disc and try to improve this, for now I want to look into finding possible time savers or route changes.

Im thinking about doing the Dragon Boss right after Mummy 1, the only difference would be no Accid Darts for the fight, but it would put Passcard skip 50 minutes earlier into the run.

(I guess i keep posting here and on SDA for a while just in case)

Illinois, USA

Remi, you can submit your run; It's not against the rules to play on emulators.


Then the rules should be changed. Emulator and USB loader for gamecube games are inaccurate for lag and loading, you get an advantage by playing on them and making them the fastes version. In my oppinion you should never be "forced" to play on a inoffical version of a game over a offical one because it's faster.

Illinois, USA

That is true, maybe we can get a mod to change the rule if we are all in agreement.

BTW, add me on skype (j.sphiinx) so I can add you to the Tutankomunnity Group where we discuss lots of things as a group.

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The sarcophag in the treasure room in luxor palace actually requiers the sarcophag key, you can get there without if you get all 3 possible amulett dupes, but cant finish without it.

Arizona, USA

Started practicing a little bit a few days ago, and just finished my first speedrun ever. My goal was to get under 3 hours, which I managed to get, a few really bad mistakes and instead of restarting I kept going because I really wanted to finish at least one all the way through. Time was 2:52:27. I dont own a capture card for PS2 so I used PCSX2 to boot the CD up on my computer, I'm 99% sure that counts as an emulator run, so I couldn't submit it correct?

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