Tutorial Speedrun
2 years ago
New York, USA

Hello! I'm getting into spelunky speedruning and have enjoyed practicing my movement on the tutorial Speedrun! I'd love it if I could post my times on src but it seems you guys don't have it as a category ): Sorry if I'm mistaken, and I'm not claiming a wr or anything, my best time is a 25.75.

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Illinois, USA

Tutorial% leaderboards (and all other competitive leaderboards) found here: https://mossranking.com/cat.php?cat=210

Also if you're looking to get into Spelunky speedrunning as a whole, consider joining our community Discord! https://mossranking.com/discord

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New York, USA

Out of curiosity, why do you guys use mossranking for some runs instead of src?

Stockholm, Sweden

Mossranking has functionality that srcom don't have, the most prominent feature is probably the combined rankings, the main speed one for Spelunky 2 can be seen here: https://mossranking.com/ranking.php?id_ranking=20

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Arizona, USA

Mossranking actually syncs runs with srcom if you link an account, so there are no unique categories between Mossranking and srcom. Almost everyone who runs the Spelunky series actually posts their runs to Mossranking's respective categories~

Like Cloiss said, please consider joining us in the community discord! we have dedicated speedrunning channels and love to help new players get up to speed :3c

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I am a newbie here. Just here to ask your experience on spelunky speedruning.